Practice Areas

The firm provides advice in virtually all areas of Argentine Law, and has a wide range of connections locally and internationally that allow it to accompany and support its clients at all times.



The firm provides advice on all types of business matters:


  • civil and commercial contracts 

  • real estate affairs

  • trademarks and patents

  • business affairs of all kinds

  • competition law

  • banking, financial and trust matters

  • bankruptcies and debt restructuring proceedings

  • customs and foreign trade matters

  • personal data and information technology

  • compliance and anti-corruption



Assistance with complaints, litigation and out-of-court proceedings:


  • insurance and consumer protection

  • aeronautical law

  • accidents, lawsuits, out-of-court proceedings and claims of all kinds

  • claims of the National, Provincial and Municipal State


Other legal matters

Advice on other legal issues, which includes:

  • Retirement and pensions

  • inheritance and family matters

  • labour and employment matters

  • tax issues (ARBA, AGIP)

  • volunteering and pro-bono work


The firm firmly believes that legal services are developed in an operational and social environment that cannot be ignored. Consequently, FERREYRA ROMEA is deeply involved in pro-bono activities at local level, in order to provide legal assistance to those who need it most.